John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Speeding

Never, never, ever, ever no matter what, no matter why, no matter how lucky you are feeling or how good your “excuse” is, never, never, ever, ever go beyond the speed limit.

I won’t try to scare you about potential car accidents that can cause serious, even permanent, bodily injuries –or even death to you or another driver or a bystander. Those kind of scare tactics don’t seem to work well.

So I’m using my personal experience about something very likely to happen to you if you do speed. You could….pay attention now!


Pay attention because this could save your life and even your weekend. If you get caught speeding you could end up spending your entire Friday and Saturday night taking the “I Drive Safely” Traffic School course online. It is educational and a well organized and presented course.

But not the way you want to spend a Friday and Saturday night–especially just before a major holiday. The course improves your driving but not your mood. Take it from me.

jyb_musingsHo friggin’ ho!

So….I am easing up on the pedal. And suggest any of you who have read my cautionary tale do the same….Trust me.  You don’t want to  spend an entire weekend before Christmas being taught all the things you know about driving but seem to have trouble remembering when you actually get into a car and start driving.

Now I remember.


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