John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

10891977_10155052495505515_7967876706721743967_nSee this picture? To the discerning eye it is a catastrophic accident — and multi million dollar law suit — just waiting to happen.

Remember a few decades ago when McDonald’s served an extra hot coffee to an elderly customer — but did not seal the top when handing it to her — and she spilled it in her lap and suffered severe burns and made national news when she was later awarded several million dollars in damages?

jyb_musingsWell, the exact same thing almost happened to me yesterday but instead of an unsealed cup of scalding hot coffee it was an unsealed cup of cold ice water.

Fortunately for Tommy Burger I spotted their outrageous negligence putting me in harms way and sealed the cup of ice water myself. And later drank it in my car without incident.

Sometimes, even in the face of wanton negligence, you just get lucky. This was one of those times.


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