John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Random Thoughts

You know when you are at a social gatherings and talking to someone you just met and you feel you’ve got nothing else to say and sense they feel the same way?

Wouldn’t it be great if one of you could just say,

“Well. I don’t have anything else to say to you and am going to stop talking to you now and go talk to someone else.” And just leave.

I think that would be pretty cool. And appreciate hearing the clear-cut termination of our conversation.

Have you wanted to give yourself “the finger”?

I have. And would.

But when that feeling of self-disgust comes over me I can never figure out how to properly do it without a two-way mirror and one is never handy.

jyb_musings“Do you want me to just drop everything and do whatever it is you are asking me to?”

Whenever I get this question, I have to try very hard not to say, “Yes, I sure do! Thank you!”

Because I have learned– over time— that isn’t the correct answer. In fact, as it turns out, it’s not even a real or serious question.

On the other hand, I have never asked that question…..because I know already what the likely answer is going to be.

Things you think about at 50.

Poet Robert Frost famously wrote that he “took the road less traveled by” and said that had made “all the difference.”

But I wonder now if later in life he still felt the same way. Or wished he’d taken the more mainstream and conventional path that would have helped him prepare for retirment better.

Ever had one of those days when you think to yourself,
“It would be possible to have only 364 days in a year and not lose anything in productivity?”
I would like to send out a personal, heartfelt and enthusiastic “Thank You” to whomever invented the term “Tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow” is that hypothetical time in the future that never actually arrives when I schedule all my unsavory tasks so I can enjoy today.

Pure genius! Thank you!


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