John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Perception and Problem Solving

jyb_musingsThought for the day (Perception and problem solving)

When faced with a new and unpleasant predicament I like to think of the best part about it, the worst part, the slver lining and the reality of the entire situation.

For example, today I am congested and have a cold.

Best part: I can sound like Barry White when I talk to my wife.

Worst part: My wife keeps clear of me while I am contagious.

Silver lining: Sometimes I fully recover from my cold and am no longer contagious before my voice completely heals and I can sound like Lou Rawls for a couple of days when I talk to my wife. (Lou’s voice isn’t as deep as Barry’s was but still sounds low, slow, melodic and smooth.)

The reality of the entire situation: It’s too bad I can’t sing with or without a cold.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean I should take singing lessons instead of taking Advil. It only means I should at least seriously consider that option.


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