John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Papal Fashion

Papal Fashion

With all this new Pope buzz and the chatter about the theological and political implications, someone is finally turning to a more practical and more interesting topic.

A good friend asked me (tongue in cheek) if women become priests, do I think they would make female cardinals wear brown?

That’s a great question. Although this issue will be decided in the Vatican it has far reaching implications that could include trademark infringement accusations right here in Louisville, KY with UPS if the Catholic Church ever tries to use the tag line “Brown Deliver”

jyb_musingsThat is the only real practical risk I see. I do believe based on what little I know about the topic the Pope and Catholic Church will pull off a “Fashion Win” for the Church. Brown is a staid and dignified color –yet also really makes the Roman Collar pop in a reverent way that says “fashionably infallible”

At least that is my best off-the-cuff answer . That is also tongue-in-cheek. ; )


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