John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Navigating Life

Navigating life…

The problem with taking the high road is that it never feels like a shortcut–and it isn’t supposed to.

But if you are running late and in a hurry or bad with directions and get lost easily, it is tempting to avoid the high road and take the low road instead.

But it’s always best to take the high road anyway. It’s the right thing to do and sometimes even faster.

The low road only seems faster –but rarely is. And the traffic is always horrendous because so many others assume its the fastest route.


Thought for the day…

It’s almost May and has been muggy hot for the last week yet it snowed last night.

And you worry about seeming weird or inconsistent to other people?  Get over yourself. It’s just the way things are.


jyb_musingsIllist (Definition) Something is the best,the coolist, the illist example: Coconut soup at Kashmir restautant in Bardstown Road.

Usage: “D*mn, that coconut soup is the illist.”

Just remember the next time you want to sound younger and cooler than you really are …that you will never be too old to humiliate yourself.


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