John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Lollapalooza

A couple months ago I took my awesomely cool and stupendously hip daughter on a father – daughter weekend.

She had a choice of a modestly priced event in a reasonably nearby city.

Her choice? Lollapalooza in Chicago How could I say no? I mean, Anthony Kiedis and I are practically soul-mates. We are both about 50 years old, both like the RHCP , think Flea is cool and many, many other similarities too.

There were no other father – daughter couples we could ask to take a good picture of us. So this is as good as I could get.

Was it fun?

It was a disastrous blast.

Maggie is always game and willing to find the possibilities amidst the most unusual circumstances—like hanging with pop at an outdoor rock concert trying to replicate Woodstock with thousands of muddy, sloshed 17-24 year olds. And a 14 and 49 year old.

Oh, I got to see Anthony Kiedas, albeit from several hundred feet away.

I don’t think he saw me, but knowing my soul-mate was alive and well and jammin’ with Flea, made me smile.  ;  )


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