John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Leadership and Learning

Leadership and leaning….

If you feel at a crossroads with some worthwhile endeavor a version of the “fight or flight” instinct is about to kick in.

I call it the “lean away from” or “lean into” syndrome. It’s not so much an instinct or syndrome as much as a habit we develop over time. How people approach the “check out” or “ramp it up” decision is what distinguishes, in large measure, the winners and losers in life.

Those who anticipate tough times ahead when undertaking any job worth doing and are prepared to kick it up a notch when that inevitable tough moment comes, are the people I admire most. Some say what these role models emulate for us is courage; some say it’s persistence; others say it’s a commitment to a clear vision.

I think it’s more of a habit we have developed. A habit of how we chose to lean when it counts.


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