John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Honesty & “Marco Polo”

Want to know how honest you really are?

Do you pride yourself as being someone who would never cheat?

Someone who when a game is being played doesn’t blur the rules in order to do better?

And tell yourself you would never make an exception?

And are proud of the example you’ve set for your children in this area?

Me, too.

But last night I backslid. I made that exception and did cheat and tried to conceal it.

I was playing Marco Polo in the pool last night with my daughter and her friend. And squinted to see where they were (several times) after going over 5 minutes as “IT” and hearing non-stop giggling and scraping my elbow and later knee on the side of the pool.

I have no regrets about how I handled this and am calling this the “Marco Polo Exception.”


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