John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Goodbye Cheer

jybderby_1Sometimes when I leave home for work early in the morning, my wife only groggily says something to me like, “Good bye” or “Have a good day.”

That’s nice and all but I need a little more than that.

I tried to tell Rebecca that this morning. (In fact, I had to tell her twice because she was asleep and apparently didn’t hear me the first time.)

Rebecca then mumbled sleepily into her pillow, “What do you want me to do? Get up and do a cheer?”

Well…she read my mind! That’s what married couples do after they have been together as long as we have. Rebecca just “gets” me.

I didn’t say it, but yes, of course. That would have been really nice and is exactly what I had in mind.

Now that Rebecca has the idea, I wonder if she’s planning on surprising me tomorrow morning?

Of course she will!

I love that girl!


jyb_musingsRebecca forgot to do a “goodbye cheer” for me this morning

Yesterday I explained how I wanted a more inspired and dramatic send off when I leave for work in the mornings and fully expected today would be the day Rebecca would start.

But things didn’t go quite as planned.

Our conversation this morning started with a hopeful –but mostly informational overture from Rebecca: “The alarm just went off, John.”

A few minutes later while dressing in our bathroom, I offered a cryptic hook, “Oh my gosh!” I just let it hang in the air while waiting for Rebecca’s curiousity to build.

After a minute passed and no response, I repeated an even more emphatic, “OH…MY…GOSH!!”

A panicked, “What’s wrong?” came from the bedroom.

I smugly grinned and responded to Rebecca, “Well, you are not going to believe this but remember the navy pants you had taken in an inch in the waist for me last month because of my diet? Well, they are too big for me–again!”

“Oh no.” Rebecca feigned concern.

“No, it’s a good thing,” I confidently chirped. Before adding, “In fact, How do you keep your hands off of me now?”

There was another pause followed by a long and mostly muffled response. I strained to make out what Rebecca was saying and was disappointed to discover Rebecca was trying to explain, literally, how she resists keeping her hands off of me.

“C’mon, Rebecca,” I interjected. “It was a rhetorical question. I didn’t mean for you to answer. I was complimenting myself.”

“Oh. Ok.” Came back the answer.

That’s it. That was our entire exchange this morning.

Before leaving I audibly sighed to see if Rebecca had remembered to do a “goodbye cheer” for me, as if on cue.


I sighed again. This time louder.

Rebecca lifted herself up from her slumber and offered a sleepy hug goodbye.

It was a sweet gesture and I complied.

I reminded myself that cheers –even “goodbye cheers” –sometimes take a couple days to develop. And that Rebecca is probably waiting until she has a complete goodbye cheer routine mastered before surprising me.

Maybe tomorrow.


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