John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Dave Chappelle

10858552_10155003635135515_3501534500791715457_nAt Dave Chappelle show at the Palace with Rebecca.

Great show…sitting in a sea of white people —each of whom is thinking “If Dave looks at me he will probably realize I am not as ‘white’ as the other white people around me.”

Until we look at each other in the audience. And realize Dave probably won’t think that.


The lowlight, for me, of the Dave Chappelle performance last night.

It was during the warm-up.

The DJ was trying to get the audience going and pumped up to cheer on Dave taking the stage.

He shouted, “How many 90’s babies do we have out there?” There was a big cheer.

“How ’bout let’s here it for the 80’s babies out there tonight.” Another big roar.

“All you 70’s babies in the crowd tonight, stand-up and let me heaaaar youuuu.” More cheering though a diminished amount.

And as I waited eagerly to stand up and rock it out for 60’s babies in the house, the DJ stopped at the 70s.

Asshole DJ. What are we? The grandparents driving the rest of the audience home?

Oh well. The joke was on him. I was too tired to stand up again anyway.


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