John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Conversations with my Dog

Winston is a several month old Ocherese weighing all of 2 1/2 pounds but with lots of confidence and spunk–and an annoying habit of making a 6:30am donation in my home office beside my work chair.

Me: (Le…aving for work.) “Hey Sweetie. Good morning.”

Winston (tail wagging and prancing outside my home office): “Check it out. I did it again.” (With evil puppy grin)

Me: “Come on, man. That’s not cool.”

Winston: “What?”;Laughing in mischievous way to self “Oh, yeah. That. Sorry. You gonna pet me?”

jyb_musingsMe: “What if I did this to you every morning in your little pin? It would get old and you’d eventually stop licking me so much, right?”

Winston: “John, C’mon…I am a puppy. What do you expect?” Adding, “Pet me. Or I’ll do it again when you’re gone.” (Laughs mischeviously to self again and barks)

Me: “Whatever” as I reach down to pet Winston goodbye.


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