John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Car Talk


Getting into my car this morning after grabbing coffee and noticed the ominoua 5-5-5 on my car clock

I gasped for a split second and then remembered it was 6-6-6 I want to avoid.

That was a close call.

Looks like it’s going to be an okay new week after all.

And one more reason it pays to get up an hour earlier than usual.



jyb_musingsI don’t like rainy days

Because how good a parking space I can find will have far too much bearing on how I feel about the rest of the universe today.



In my experience when someone asks me to “Meet them halfway” they usually mean halfway between their driveway and their door.



I think there are too many self-help books on how parents can better cope with having adolescents for children.

And not enough self-help books on how adolescent children can better cope with having grown ups for parents.


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