John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Battle of the Sexes

Third party politics and the sexes

Every few years public disgust with the two major political parties bubbles over to the point there is talk of a need to develop a third party.

As soon as the possibility of such a new entity starts to seem real both major parties tend to start behaving more responsibly and cooperatively.

The threat of a third party, in other words, seems to serve as a corrective on the behavior on the two major parties.

Which made me wonder if the same dynamic would occur between men and women –and they would get along better–if every few years there was talk of the threat of creating of a third sex.


jyb_musingsLove grades

I can tell how I am doing with my wife by the way she ends her texts to me. When I am doing well Rebecca ends each text with a complete “Love.” When I am doing well but could use improvement I get the abbreviated “L.” When I am on the bubble I get a lower case “l.” And when I am really struggling and moved into negative territory I simply get her first initial “R.”

R’s are bad and can sometimes–if not remedied immediately–devolve into no close at all. That is very, very bad. A failing grade.

Today I am getting capital L’s

But trying to move up by this afternoon to a full-fledged “Love.”


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