John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Alarm Clocks


My long-time trusty alarm clock broke several months ago–and I have relied on my wife, Rebecca, to wake me up every morning using her alarm clock.


Because for 4 months I have been unable to find an alarm clock for myself that is “idiot proof.”

In other words, that I can figure out how to use–like my old one dimensional alarm clock. It is a Sony from Walgreens and costs $14.99 and I am elated.

Every other alarm clock I have looked at seems to require an advanced degree in engineering to operate. (It’s not the one pictured but is as scaled down and limited to its original uses) When did clocks become easier to make than to use?

I am so relieved. Imagine…having a clock that I can set all by myself.

jyb_musingsMost alarm clocks I am passing on, I am sure, have many wonderful new fangled features. Some project the time on the ceiling; some probably connect to NASA and can track satellites. But I just need an alarm to go off around 6am every morning and am willing to give up all the other cool clock “value adds.”

I just need a loud alarm buzzer and something that tells time–and I’m good.



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