John Y. Brown, III: Today’s Big Game

Are we mostly getting our “game face on” Saturday– or getting our hate face on?

I love the outrageously fun interstate stare down this week between UL and UK.

The smack talk: clever put downs and cleverer retorts and most of what goes with it. Most of it is in good fun, to be expected and a healthy and natural fan activity given the rarefied Final Four positions our state’s two remarkable basketball teams have achieved this year.

But there is a line where we start to sound loopy, goofy, nonsensical and downright mean-spirited if not a little demented.

The key is being cute, clever and competitive. Be like a happy warrior who relishes competition rather than a rambling insulter and hater.

After all, Sunday morning will be here soon enough and the world be back to the way it was last week–pre Final Four with UL facing off against UK.

So, before you rush out and buy this t-shirt or its corollary suggesting you do the same if you hate UK, I have a different suggestion.

Just Breathe.

And, most importantly, have one heckuva fun time. This may not happen again. For another year.


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