John Y. Brown, III: Shameless Book Promo

Click here to BUY MY BOOK!

Click here to BUY MY BOOK!

Two of my favorite books are The Bible and Musings from the Middle.

You are probably saying to yourself, “John, I know you wrote one of those books, right?”

Well, yes. I sure did. And thanks for remembering. (It was the latter book, of course.)

Now, I am not saying that the two books have anything even remotely in common. They don’t.

Is Musings from the Middle a great book? No. An important book? No. Not at all. A well written book? Not really. A good book? Not if you are sober while reading it. Is it even an insignificant book (as opposed to a book completely devoid of any substance)? Arguably but it is a very weak argument and, frankly, more of a frivolous musing.

But here’s the thing.  The Bible has, I believe, 66 Books. And at times can get a little heavy trodding reading it.  Wouldn’t it have helped to have had an extra book –just one–called “Musings?” If for no other reason just to break things up a little?

Maybe “Musings from Mathusula.” He lived a long time and would have had lots to muse about.

Imagine kids learning the books of the Bible. “Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Musings, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, Ruth.” It just flows, doesn’t it? OK, maybe not the first time you read it but conceivably it could grow on you over time.

Granted it is impossible to compete with Genesis and Exodus but most Biblical scholars would surely agree we could all use a mental break and a few laughs after Leviticus and before plowing into Numbers.

The Book of Musings wouldn’t teach anything.  Just serve as a kind of a palette cleanser.

Well, an extra book of the Bible titled Musings is not going to happen. But you can still get the book Musings from the Middle, albeit completely separate from the Bible. And that is unfortunately probably the only way it will ever be sold.

And even though it wasn’t written by Mathusela people tell me I have Mathusula’s sense of humor.

Not really. I just made that up. But it is already a shameless sales pitch, so why not throw that in. Mostly I am just trying to get my sales rank on higher than 2000 times Mathusela’s age and figured since the Bible is selling so well…..


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