The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Film

Sundance Film Festival is going on AS YOU READ THIS.  /Film has been killing it with the coverage.  I’m linking their front page, as there will be plenty of stuff for you to read there.  I seriously might as well just shut the post down after this one link, this is plenty to read. [/Film]

This isn’t really about film, but the BBC television program Sherlock is perhaps the greatest item which involves film being made right now.  Anyone who has managed to keep up with the show (its only out in Britain right now) is surely wondering about the possibility of a third season.  I am happy to report that it will happen.  And the two main guys will be back!  [Deadline]

They are making a film about Linda Lovelace, the porn actress-turned-anti-porn-vigilante.  (Surely porn will make it into one of these debates Jonathan is keen on soon, right?)  Amanda Seyfried is playing Linda Lovelace, and there are now some pictures of that happening.  [Movie Blog]

Spike Lee is making waves at Sundance with comments regarding the lack of diversity in cinema.  I have to say, I agree with him.  [WaPo]


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